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TESOL UK: Your Passport to an International Teaching Career

One of the most common questions that TESOL students ask is whether there is a job placement for them after they graduate in a mainly-English speaking country like the United Kingdom. The answer to this is a resounding yes. Despite the fact that English is the main spoken language in the UK, there are still plenty of job openings available for TEFL or TESOL-certified individuals.

In fact, the competition for TESOL professionals is quite stiff that is why you need to make sure that you will get your certificate from a reputable school. Aside from having plenty of job openings for students after they graduate, the United Kingdom also has a lot of tourist attractions to offer first-time visitors - so you will definitely enjoy your stay while obtaining your certification at the same time.

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Discover the Many Delights that the UK has to Offer

If you're staying in the UK for any period of time, it pays to know which nations it is comprised of. As a constitutional monarchy, the United Kingdom is actually composed of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The UK is also a gateway for neighboring countries that you can visit including France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. This poses numerous travel opportunities - so it should definitely be on top of your list when looking for a setting where you can take your TEFL or TESOL certification course.

Some of the most notable landmarks in the United Kingdom that you can explore include Edinburgh Castle, York Minster, the Canterbury Cathedral, the botanical gardens in the Eden Project, the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and even the birthplace of Shakespeare. You will also get to learn more about the local cuisine and culture of the people from the UK as you mingle with the locals.

Numerous Advantages from being a UK TESOL Student

Aside from the many sights that the UK has to offer, there are plenty of advantages enjoyed by students taking their TEFL or TESOL course here. First of all, the competition between educational institutions offering TESOL courses is quite stiff. This benefits students in such a way that they have plenty of schools to choose from - and the prices of enrolling in a four-week course actually becomes lower. However, keep in mind that the cost of living it the UK is quite high - so make allowances for this when planning your budget.

Another reason why it pays to take your TESOL certification course in the UK is that there are plenty of job openings that you can apply for. Once you graduate, you need to show a prospective employer the edge that you can offer in terms of the training that you receive and perhaps any teaching experience that you may have had in the past. On an overall scale, however, it is a viable option to get your TEFL or TESOL course in the UK because of such advantages that you will get to enjoy as a student.

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The first step for you take your TESOL certification course is to select which among these cities you would like to enrol at: Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham or London. After selecting the location, you can already plan for the 4-week course that you will take which will serve as your passport in establishing an international English teaching career.

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